Multi-Use Play Tables



Includes three (3) Play Tables¬† (19.1″ x 19.1″)

Each table:

  • is easily adjustable between 2 heights for standing kids (approx. 3-6 years old)
  • has a reversible play surface. One side is flat & one side has Lego, Duplo (or similar brick) base plates
    • 4 plates per side, 2x Duplo size & 2x Lego size. The plates can be easily removed and rearranged between the tables
  • can be used without the play surface as a water or sand table (3.5″ deep)
  • can be used as a one-sided vertical drawing board
  • includes 2 removable hanging bins

Please Note:  Compatible Construction Bricks, Sand, Art Supplies, Water, Water Toys Are NOT INCLUDED.