August 28, 2023

Terms and Conditions

By submitting a rental order with Kit & Caboodle Rentals Inc., the customer acknowledges and agrees to the company’s “safe-use policy”, “liability release” and “rental conditions” as outlined below.

Safe-use policy

  1. All activities and products rented or sold by kit and caboodle are residential consumer products which are meant to be used/operated following the manufacturer instructions (included). No specialty knowledge, training, or expertise is required for operation or safety supervision. It is the responsibility of the customer/care giver/guardian to ensure safety and adherence to the manufacturers instructions or guidelines.
  2. Reasonable effort will be made by Kit & Caboodle Rentals Inc. to inspect for damage on rental products, and will repair or replace the products prior to the next rental. It is also understood that the customer/renter will inspect and assess the condition of the products to their own satisfaction and relay any concerns immediately to the company, and stop use of the product until a suitable remedy can be established.

Liability release

  1. Kit and Caboodle is not liable for any personal injury, harm, or damages from the use of purchased or rented products.

Rental conditions

  1. Rental period is for one (1) day.
  2. Rentals must be returned before 8pm on the rental date in satisfactory condition as outlined in the return informational placard.
  3. Any damage beyond expected wear-and-tear will be assessed and appropriately deducted from the rental deposit.
  4. Reasonable effort should be taken by the customer to return the items in a clean and sanitary condition. 

Cancellation policy

  1. There are NO cancellation fees – however, we do appreciate as much notice as possible.