Popcorn Parachute


We know kids love tossing balls around – AND some even love picking them up! The Kit & Caboodle Popcorn Parachute set includes balls for “popping” like popcorn – a classic!

Parachute games are a plenty, a quick internet search will give you some great ideas.  We see primary school aged children enjoying the challenge of trying to toss the balls between the two parachutes while toddlers & preschoolers will be amused with some more traditional parachute games like mushroom, cat & mouse or duck-duck-goose. Or, consider incorporating your two parachutes & balls into a obstacle course.


  • Two, 6-ft Rainbow Play Parachutes
    (Each has 6 handles and, protective mesh screens over middle openings)
  • Popcorn Balls for tossing
Most Engaging for Ages

2 – 12