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Each child brings their own playstyle to the party. Our mission? To empower you to keep all the little party goers entertained with an activity for every aptitude!

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Use our write-ups to find the activities that tailor on each facet of a child's unique play style.
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Choose the activities you want with your KIT. All our rentals are for 1 day.
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We pack up your kit for easy anytime pick-up. There's no store-front, no line-ups, just swing by and collect your kit in Saanich (Victoria, BC).
Flexible Drop Offs
As party throwers ourselves, we know cleaning up on a schedule is tricky. Follow the included cards for easy pack-up and drop off when it works for you (or a helpful friend!)

Party Easy, Party Often

We’re adding new activities and rental options all the time! complete our survey if there’s something you’d like to rent that we don’t yet have.

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